Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The ground up .........

I have been on so many forums and webplaces over the last 5 years and just wanted to tell everyone about my personal experience of attending a Les Mills Bodypump class for the very first time and also some additional things.

1st get a Dr's clearance before attending any Group Fitness Class, discuss with the Dr what you are about to do and ask them if they should be doing a Group Fitness Class. The Dr would then do a medical examination and determine if there is anything wrong before you even start any physical activity.

If they give all the OK, then go to the gym and fill in the paperwork. Make sure that you tell me about your medical condition. It is very important to do this.

Undertake a postural assessment - ROM etc with a Qualified Personal Trainer to see if there is anything that might be an issue if you begin training or go to a Group Fitness Class. I hade some issues that needed to be fixed before I attempted weight training and the assessment will let you know if you have kyphosis or lordosis or sway back or if you have issues with spinal alingnment. This needs to be picked up at the begining if you train with any of these conditions and injure yourself then there is no going back, you need to be aware of any postural issues. It is that important.

They then can work with you on some initial training and recommend options for your training. Or perscribe alternate exercises or help with doing your exercises.

If it is something like Kyphosis or Lordosis then they can work with you to in identifying any special training requirements that you might need.

Next the gym program begins. By doing a gym program with a PT they can work on technique and also locate any special issues that you might have, they then can then work on problems with your squats or lunges etc.. you need to work on technique and it is better to start with a Personal Trainer and iron these issues out up from so that you do not develop bad habits that can carry on later on.

When you have done that book yourself into a technique class (Bodypump) They can work on the special requirements for you and also advise you on the structure of a Les Mills Class, weight selections, more technique lessons, and identify anything they might find wrong and correct it. The technique classes are also aimed at the season participant so that they can refocus on their technique as well. They are well worth doing.

Then the big day comes you do your first Les Mills Body (class) and you are prepared, you have some knowledge of your body - exercise execution - and know the basic names of the exercises which decreases the learning curve, you are now educated on exercises and how to do them and have the confidence to attend the classes in a safe manner.

You then have a foundation to work with when you enter Bodypump, you know correct lifting technique, and know your limitations and your own physical boundaries.

Place yourself in the front row of the class always, make sure that you can see and hear the instructor and make them aware than you are new to the class, they can then spend some time looking at you in class and give you awesome coaching cues. If you don't get a move don't stress its OK to stop and watch what is going on. It is OK fo you to stop when you are tired in the begining and take the bar off and simply rest. Thats OK you will be able to in coming weeks have the endurance to finish that part of the class in your own time. If you experience pain the stop the exercise. It is important that you also tell them if you are pregnant or have any health issues prior to the class commencing.

After the class if you have anything that is or maybe of concern tell the instructor and they can work with you in that. They may have people coming in for the next class so arrange a time before the next class to see the instructor to work on anything that is not OK.

If you follow this then the you are on the right foot and can build on your knowledge about the classes you are taking :) and come to the classees and be prepared for the Bodypump experience and be a participant for a very long time.

Thats from my own personal viewpoint and I guess thats through my own personal Bodypump journey :)


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